We are extremely grateful to all of our generous donors whose support ensures that we continue to make progress in our core goals of social justice, outstanding research and teaching and providing an excellent student experience.

A huge amount is achieved thanks to the generosity of our supporters with the effects being felt far beyond our campus.

Here are some of the opportunities for donating to QMU.

Student Development Fund

We are committed to supporting our students, helping them make the most of the opportunities available to them and ensuring that they have the best possible experience as a QMU student.

The Student Development Fund exists thanks to the generous donations of alumni, friends and QMU staff whose support ensures that all of our students have the opportunity to get their big ideas off the ground and to develop projects that reflect their enthusiasm, creativity and initiative.

Case Study

The Regal Youth Theatre Company

Second year student Matt Swan is one of a group of QMU Drama & Performance students who received support from the Student Development Fund this year. The group are involved in the Regal Youth Company which aims to transform young people’s lives by enabling them to develop their creativity, social skills and self-esteem.

This collective of young, aspiring actors, directors, writers, musicians, songwriters and artists work together in a protected and creative environment to present a variety of innovative productions. They also run weekly workshops in music and drama to provide young artists a space where they are free to create, invent and perform work that is relevant to them. The members have the opportunity to bond socially and develop a sense of belonging, while also developing their art.

Matt explains “the Regal Youth Company ensures that the arts are accessible to young people of all backgrounds with varying levels of experience in music and drama. Our members constantly tell us how valuable our safe, non-judgemental space is to them as it encourages them to discover a wealth of like-minded friends”.

The Vice-Chancellor's International Travel Fund

We truly believe that studying at QMU is not just about getting an education, but it is about developing potential in a much wider sense. One of the ways in which we can do that is by broadening our students’ horizons and giving them the opportunity to experience another country and another culture. This is why Principal & Vice-Chancellor Professor Petra Wend decided to set up the Vice-Chancellor’s International Travel Fund and why she personally supports it.

Case Study

First Aid Africa

Nursing student Jennifer Kirkhope, travelled to Tanzania and Uganda with First Aid Africa, a charity that teaches first aid in remote areas where access to hospital or trained medical staff is limited.

Jennifer taught at the “Umoja Centre” which aims to see young people in Tanzania educated, empowered and living free from poverty, abuse and exploitation. As well as teaching First Aid to the students, Jennifer also taught the staff and the Masai Guards. She also taught the ‘Mamas’ at two Children’s Homes in the country.

The guards, in particular, were very excited about the training as many of them had never been inside a classroom and none of them had ever been given a certificate for training.

Whilst in Uganda, Jennifer volunteered at the Kitega Community Centre which focusses on children with learning difficulties who have been rejected by their parents. Many people in Uganda still believe that people with disabilities are cursed or are processed by evil spirits, so many parents overlook their children’s needs and well-being. Kitega Community Centre intervened to show that with support and education, children and adults with disabilities can make positive contributions to their families and communities.

“During my 7 weeks I learned to have more confidence in myself, not only when it comes to teaching but also in terms of decision making and prioritisation. I feel that this will be useful not only during my studies but also once I qualify”.

The Martlet Club

The Martlet Club exists to acknowledge supporters of QMU who make a donation of £120 or more each year or a monthly donation of £10 upwards.

The name is taken from the martlet emblem on the QMU coat of arms. This emblem, which is associated with learning, represents Queen or Saint Margaret, after whom the University is named. As the University campus is a haven for wildlife, including swans, ducks, herons and moorhens, the name of the club also reflects the University’s commitment to sustainability and to enriching the community.

Gifts to the Martlet Club provide QMU staff and students with the best opportunities in teaching and research which makes a real practical impact and transforms people’s lives. Funds will be put towards a number of projects, for example allowing students to complete CV-enhancing projects or supporting initiatives focused on using QMU’s expertise to the community’s advantage.

Donor Case Study


Gifts to the Martlet Club have enabled us to vastly scale up the hugely successful STARS (Student Tourism Ambassador Role Scotland) initiative.

The programme has been designed to provide outstanding career development opportunities for hospitality, events and PR students by helping them develop international customer relations skills with Edinburgh International Airport and Virgin Trains at Waverley Station.

The partnership between QMU, Virgin Trains and Edinburgh International Airport enhances the visitor experience on arrival at Waverley Station and Edinburgh Airport, providing positive first impressions and strengthening Scotland’s reputation as a welcoming nation.

The project has been particularly enhanced due to the talents of multilingual UK and international students who were able to converse with international visitors. In addition, the students, who worked as Ambassadors, have benefited from paid employment, which in some cases has led to international work opportunities at the likes of Walt Disney World.

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Trees of Life

Dobbies Garden World Melville has provided 150 trees to commemorate the 150th anniversary of QMU in 2025. We are delighted to offer our alumni and friends the opportunity to name a tree in honour or memory of an individual or to celebrate your graduation!

Funds from the Trees of Life programme support the Student Development Fund which ensures that that all of our students have the opportunity to get their big ideas off the ground and to develop projects that reflect their enthusiasm, creativity and initiative.

Student Malawi Society Fund

Malawi is an amazing country, known for its very positive, innovative, and highly enterprising people and strong sense of community. But it is one of the poorest countries in the world and a number of young people have to struggle to be educated - only 11% of the population can finish primary school and only 1% can go on to further education*.

The Malawi Student Society’s first project was a joint film made by a Malawian teenager living in the STEKA children's home there (using a QMU camera), and edited by two QMU Media students here. It aims to help raise funds for a youth village consisting of centres and workshops to teach vital skills to ambitious teenagers trapped by poverty into living on the streets of Malawi.

QMU and the Malawi Student Society is committed to helping develop the STEKA Youth Village which would provide independent living for these young people as well as giving them, and other vulnerable teenagers, the skills they need to secure successful future lives. It will consist of workshops to teach life-changing skills such as tailoring, agriculture, IT, hairdressing and electronics and, eventually, sports facilities to attract homeless children and help teach them organisational skills so that they can move on to learning in the skills centres.

* Education Policy and Data Centre statistics for 2010.

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