Here you will find information for students on COVID-19 and on-campus accommodation.

Last updated: 4 October 2021

The Accommodation Services team can be contacted on should you have any questions or concerns relating to accommodation on campus.

The halls of residence are open, and residents have the  support of our ResLife team. If you are in need of advice or support, please get in touch with our Residence Life Coordinator, by emailing

If you are living in halls and require urgent help, then be reassured that the Security team are on duty 24/7 keeping you safe. You can contact them by calling 0131 474 0000 and asking for Security, or via one of the intercom points across campus.


What can I expect living on campus in student accommodation?

There are many benefits of living in our student accommodation on campus. Our adherence to government guidelines means we will do everything we can to ensure your accommodation is a safe space to live and enjoy student life to the full. This includes a ResLife programme, events and activities, 24/7 security and wellbeing support.

We will be adapting our student spaces, cafes, sports centre, and library to meet social distancing guidelines so you can still enjoy the experience of campus life.

Is QMU accommodation safe to live in? What safety measures are in place?

Yes. We have taken extensive advice from Health Protection Scotland and are following government guidance to ensure our accommodation is safe. We have invested in additional specialised cleaning of our accommodation buildings so they are ready for your arrival.

Risk assessments have been conducted within our accommodation to ensure current public health measures are implemented and guidelines provided to residents.

On campus we have a further extensive set of safety measures including physical distancing measures, temperature checks and provision of handwashing and hand sanitizing stations.

What do I do if I think my flatmate is unwell with the virus?

If your flatmate is unwell, please see the advice at NHS Inform.

Please also see the advice on our general Student Coronavirus FAQs.

If you live in the residences on campus, please contact Security by calling 0131 474 0000 then 2222.


What is the University’s policy on accommodation contracts in respect of COVID?

We would like to offer reassurance that our accommodation will remain open throughout the rest of the academic year, as well as the summer months, and students who are already living in our accommodation can continue to do so and support will be available to them.

What happens if I live in residences and need to extend my contract or move out of accommodation early?

Students who require accommodation on campus over the summer can apply to do so by emailing

If you are planning to leave your accommodation or have left already, please read our leaving accommodation page to find out what you need to do next.

If I can’t move in at the start of the academic year due to government travel restrictions what does this mean for my accommodation contract?

If you can’t travel to Edinburgh, but are still a matriculated student and expect to come to campus at some stage in the future, we will either (subject to availability):

  • hold your room for you until you can arrive; or
  • release you from your contract and refund your prepayment. You will be able to apply again once government restrictions have eased and we will do our best to find a new room for you.

What will happen if there is another lockdown during the academic year?

The University will continue to follow all guidance and any restrictions implemented by the UK and Scottish Governments. Should the University be required to close in adherence to further lockdown measures then please be assured that the Halls of Residence will continue to remain open. However, in accordance with the temporary provision set out in the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No.2) Act 2020, students can give 28 days’ notice to end their Tenancy Agreement early for a valid coronavirus reason until the temporary legislation expires.

If my circumstances change and I will no longer be attending the University, can I cancel my accommodation contract?

If you have formally declined your course offer and will no longer be studying at Queen Margaret University then you can request to cancel your accommodation contract prior to the tenancy start date. We will refund any balance of the prepayment and/or accommodation fee which may have been paid in advance.

If you have a firm course offer (or are a continuing student) then our normal Tenancy Terms & Conditions apply and you will be liable to pay the total accommodation fees for the full duration of your accommodation contract unless you are able to find a suitable replacement student to take over your tenancy.

In accordance with the temporary provision set out in the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No.2) Act 2020, students can give 28 days’ notice to end their Tenancy Agreement early for a valid coronavirus reason until the temporary legislation expires.

Can my parents drop off food to me when I am self-isolating?

Yes, they can hand packages over to the Accommodation Reception, who will arrange delivery to your flat.


What support is available if I need to self-isolate?

If you need to self-isolate in halls of residence it is important that you inform Accommodation Services by calling 0131 474 0000 ext. 4902. Outside normal office hours you should inform Security by calling 0131 474 0000 ext. 2222.

There are lots of ways to get food and supplies while you are self-isolating. Our on campus catering company will be able to provide a pay as you go catering service to all students. You can pre-order by emailing You can also contact them through their social media.

Companies like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Domino’s offer lots of different takeaway food options that can be delivered directly to your door.

Supermarkets like Tesco and Asda provide an online delivery service that you can arrange. If you need food urgently, the Co-op, Uber Eats and Deliveroo can provide basic essentials within a couple of hours.

Once you’ve let us know that you are self-isolating, we will provide you with some additional cleaning products and we advise you of when your rubbish will be collected if your entire household is isolating. To minimise risk it’s important that all rubbish is double-bagged. If you receive any mail or parcels, we’ll delivery this to your flat door on a daily basis if everyone in your household is isolating.

There will be ongoing wellbeing support for you as a self-isolating student. This includes a phone call by one of our RLAs every couple of days to check in with you and to see if you need anything. You can also reach out to your Senior Resident for support during this time.

If you ever need someone to talk to, you can call the ResLife team on 0131 474 0000 (say ‘Accommodation’ when prompted). The Wellbeing Service is also available to support you during this time. You can contact them on to arrange a telephone appointment with the Wellbeing Advisor.

How can I get a COVID test?

If you have symptoms:

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, you should book a PCR COVID test and self-isolate immediately.

You can choose either to have a test sent to your home or to attend a testing site, which are located across Scotland.

COVID test booking for people with symptoms

In the event that you need assistance in arranging transport to a testing site, you should contact either Accommodation services or Security for assistance.  If you live in the halls of residence, speak to the Accommodation Services team as they have a supply of testing kits for use in particular circumstances.

Find out more about regular COVID testing for those without symptoms

Under arrangements agreed for Scottish universities, students and staff without COVID symptoms are able to collect lateral flow devices (LFDs) on campus for routine twice weekly testing at home. You can collect test kits from the Main Reception, the Accommodation Reception, and the Students' Union. Kits are also available free of charge from pharmacies, community testing centres or online.

Please see our testing and vaccination webpage

The Scottish Government has asked students planning to travel home at Christmas to follow the latest ‘Test Before Travel’ advice for domestic travel at the end of Semester One and for the return for Semester Two. This means taking an LFD test three days before travel and on the day of travel. It also means taking an LFD test three days before travel and on the day of travel before returning to term-time accommodation.

Where can I get further guidance on travelling to campus?

Visit the Scottish Government's website for guidance on travel to and from student accommodation. You should, however, regularly check this site as guidance is subject to change.

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