Route: Brunstane Fields
Distance: 3 miles / 5km
Terrain: Trail

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Miles Turns Directions
0.2 Turn left Head from University Square to accommodation block
0.1 Turn right At End of Block follow path to main road
1 Continue on Follow footpath for Route 1 cycle path
0.1 Continue on At end of Bauld Drive cross the cycle path and enter the flower field trails
0.2 Turn right Crossing the small bridge will take to into wheat field and across to Newhailes Estate Forest

Wildflower garden at Newhailes

Image: Wildflower garden

  • Steps
  • Time
  • Calories
Walking 7,000
Running 5,000
Walking 50 mins
Running 35 mins
Cycling 15 mins
Walking 201
Running 402
Cycling 140

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