Route: Queen Margaret University
Distance: 1 mile
Terrain: Pavement and trail

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 Suds Pond Map

Miles Turns Directions
0.0   Start in University Square
0.1 Left arrow Head towards the accommodation blocks
0.2 Right arrow Turn right at the end and join the footpath/trail
0.5 Left arrow Follow trail around the large pond
0.7 Up arrow Continue straight towards the field
1.0 Right Arrow Follow the trail and turn right at the underpass, walk towards the train station
1.5 Down arrow Follow University Drive around the campus and head back to University Square
  • Steps
  • Time
  • Calories
Walking 3,250
Running 2,500
Walking 30 mins
Running 15 mins
Cycling 5 mins
Walking 120
Running 150
Cycling 70
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