By Stephen Scott 29 October 2021

See below for updates on the situation with remote access to QMU systems via Horizon.  Also on this page, you will find links to key cloud based services that remain available while access to the Horizon desktop remains unavailable.

Update on Horizon Remote Access – 29 October 2021

Following on from my previous messages, and further consideration by the Incident Management Team, we have taken the decision to continue to suspend remote access to the Horizon desktop to allow for ongoing investigations following the recent phishing attack.

We appreciate that this may cause inconvenience for some staff; however, it is vital that we take the time to fully investigate the incident and, where necessary, take further actions to secure the University's network.

Please be assured that remote access will be re-instated as soon as the IT team advise it is safe to do so, but it may take a number of weeks before we are in a position to do so.

Staff are reminded that all of our systems remain in operation and can be accessed while on campus. In addition, access remains available to all cloud-based systems while off campus. This includes the Hub, Turnitin, Office 365, iTrent and Your Contribution (please see today's Moderator message from HR for further details on the latter).

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding while we continue to address this matter.

Steve Scott, Director of Campus & Commercial Services


Update on Remote Access, Wednesday 27 October 

Further to my message on Sunday, please note that we have continued, as a precaution, to suspend remote access to the Horizon desktop following the recent phishing attack. All of our systems remain in operation and can be accessed from on campus. In addition, remote access is available to all cloud-based systems, including the Hub and Turnitin, as is access to e-mail and Office 365. 

I will provide a further update before the start of next week, but in the meantime, please keep checking here for further information. 

Steve Scott 
Director of Campus & Commercial Services 


24.10.2021 - Remote systems access

Please note that, as a result of a phishing attack (an attempt to gain unauthorised access to the University's IT systems), we have had to suspend remote access to the Horizon desktop. This means that access to some campus-based systems, such as SITS and Dream, is not available remotely, and access to files on drives is also not available. Applications installed exclusively on the desktop for teaching, such as Nvivo, SPSS, Mind Manger will not be accessible. Our IT team has worked hard over the weekend to minimise disruption from the attack and to ensure that no data has been lost. However, further investigations are required before we can restore access to the Horizon remote desktop service.

Access to cloud-based systems, including e-mail, is still available remotely through Office 365 A get started guide is available here if you have not previously used webmail. 

​Access to all systems is also available for anyone who is on campus. 

We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Please keep an eye on the website for any updates to the position.

Steve Scott

Director of Campus & Commercial Services



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