PhD Candidate and Visiting Lecturer

Psychology, Sociology and Education

Linnea Wallen is PhD candidate and visiting lecturer in the Psychology, Sociology and Education division of Queen Margaret University.

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I am a PhD Candidate in Public Sociology and Psychology supervised by John Docherty-Hughes and Dr Stephen Darling. I started my PhD in September 2020, following the completion of a BSc (Hons) in Public Sociology at Queen Margaret University. My research is based at the Centre for Applied Social Sciences, and I explore how memory is used, understood and conceptualised in museum community engagement work in Scotland.  

I am the coordinator for the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS) in the Division and I work with undergraduate students spanning levels 1-4, and with postgraduate students, across all PSE programmes. The role involves training PALS leaders in practicing a peer-assisted learning pedagogy, supporting and supervising leaders in planning their sessions and yearly evaluation of the effectiveness of the scheme.   

I am also a Visiting Lecturer and Graduate Teaching Assistant and have been involved in teaching and learning activities in several modules across all undergraduate programmes in the Division, mainly contributing to Sociology modules. 


Affiliations (including memberships) to other organisations: 

British Sociological Association 

Museum Association 

Memory Studies Association 

I am interested in the various ways that museum community engagement activities can be understood as memory work and how both individualistic and social theories of memory can inform what memory ‘is’ in such work. My research also focuses on the relationship between memory, identity, narrative and storytelling, as well as how museum art and artefacts can be used as vehicles for self-reflection. I also have an interest in museological debates regarding the sustainability of community engagement practice and the implications interactions with museums can have on individual, community and societal health and wellbeing.


Active research interests:

  • Museum community engagement 
  • Memory 
  • Memory work 
  • Identity, narrative and storytelling 
  • Self-reflection through museum art and artefacts 
  • Peer-assisted learning / supplementary instruction 


Research Methods: 

  • Ethnography 
  • Interviews and focus groups 
  • Creative methods 
  • Participatory and collaborative methods


Research Centre/s name:

Affiliate Member of the Centre for Applied Social Sciences  

Member of the Memory Research Group 

WALLEN, L., 2021. Representation, knowledge and museum community engagement [online]. The Sociological Review Magazine. 12 March [viewed 7 July 2021]. Available from:  


WALLEN, L., 2020. Academia and charities sharing resources and knowledge. People Know How Connect Four Journal. 15 July [viewed 7 July 2021]. Available from:  

I am involved in teaching and learning activities across programmes in the division, predominately teaching on modules for BSc (Hons) Public Sociology and BSc (Hons) Psychology and Sociology.