Dispute Resolution

QMU is home to The Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre (CDRC). CDCR is a centre of excellence in consumer dispute resolution and consumer policy. The Centre provides continuing professional development (CPD), research, and consultancy services to business, government, and third sector organisations in the UK and across the world.

The Centre’s particular expertise concerns dispute resolution between individuals and large organisations, for example, between consumers and businesses and between citizens and the government. Our unique focus is on understanding consumer perspectives on dispute resolution and developing the idea that users should be at the heart of dispute resolution systems and processes.  You may wish to download our brief guide on Improving Your Complaints Process for Complainants and For You.


The Centre has published a research report on the results of a survey to evaluate the medium to long term benefits of attending our short accredited complaint handling training courses. This small scale survey provides us with some very useful qualitative feedback on both the courses themselves and the impact of undertaking the courses both on students personally and on their organisations.

Keep an eye on our website for future courses. You may also like to visit the CPD section of our website for information on short courses in this.

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