Hi, I’m Rosie, a fourth year Business Management student. I have been a Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS) leader for one semester now, leading sessions in Research Methods which I am sure many will agree is one of the most vital modules to prepare you for fourth year.

I decided to become a PALS leader to give something back to the ELS and fellow PALS leaders for all of their help and support throughout my University experience. I attended PALS sessions in my second and third year of Uni and found them extremely helpful. This support and advice from previous students I feel enhanced my grades. Just talking to someone who has been in your shoes not so long ago is very reassuring especially when you feel like giving up, as many of us do!

Being a PALS leader not only helped me develop my confidence and organisational skills but also enabled me to refresh my research methods knowledge whilst writing my dissertation. PALS is a very rewarding programme to be a part of, knowing that you are helping others to achieve their best. I have recently being offered a place to study a Post Graduate in Primary Teaching and I feel that PALS played a large part in me securing my place. PALS helped me develop a number of skills required of a teacher: planning, delivering and reflecting on sessions, which I was able to talk about in my personal statement and interview. I feel that PALS is a great programme to get involved in, whether you are looking to become a leader or looking to attend sessions – do it, you won’t regret it!


Published 2020